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Read The Vancouver Sun's "Question and Answer" column with Pnina Granirer from May 20, 2017 and listen to her interview with CBC Radio's North by Northwest on May 21, 2017. Pnina's new book, Listen Within the Shadows: A Painter's Memoir, is now available in bookstores.

Light Within the Shadow Cedar, Salmon and Weed Life and Bronze
Light Within the Shadows
A Painter's Memoir

Pnina Granirer
Cedar, Salmon and Weed
Louis Druehl
Life and Bronze
A Sculptor's Journal

Ruth Abernethy
The Curse of the Red Crystal Longshoring on the Fraser Discover Canada
The Curse of the Red Crystal
And Other Gothic Tales

Anton Von Stefan
Longshoring on the Fraser
Stories from ILWU Local 502
Discover Canada
100 Inspiring Outdoor Adventures

Leigh McAdam