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Life, Love and Laughter

Life, Love and Laughter

A. John Ellis

Through a series of articles, a 101-year-old retired Canadian banker tells his story and gives insight on many everyday topics. A man who went from a World War II army officer to a career in banking and head of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce--connecting Canada to the world--A. John Ellis shares his views on life as seen by a man who has lived through two world wars, economic depressions, several prime ministers and the economic rise of a nation. As a major philanthropist A. John Ellis continues to live his school's motto "Non Nobis Solum", (which could be interpreted as "Not By Ourselves Alone") by sharing his life and lessons. His family and friends believe as he does and he continues to influence others. Now a senior citizen, the author offers his opinions on aging, believing that he has found benefits in humour, and healthy eating.

Memoir/Self Help

ISBN: 9781926991689