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No Laughing Matter

No Laughing Matter

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Adventure, Activism & Politics
Margaret Mitchell

The woman who first brought the issue of spousal abuse to the forefront in Canada presents her memoirs in this interesting, informative, entertaining and often humourous book. Margaret Mitchell is a social activist who pioneered community development in Vancouver, was a courageous feminist MP for Vancouver East, and an international adventuress. Her book is a testament to the struggles and achievements of women MPs, and chronicles her life's adventures and work.

As an NDP Member of Parliament, Margaret Mitchell inspired generations of women with her public stand against "wife beating" with her vocal support for women's equality. She spent 14 years in the House of Commons advocating for aff ordable housing, multiculturalism, and the rights of poor people. Ms Mitchell worked tirelessly on issues that are alive today, including redress for the Chinese Head Tax, and childcare.

The Margaret Mitchell Fund for Women, which Ms Mitchell established after her retirement, continues to support women's self-help projects and scholarships. Proceeds of book sales will also accrue to the fund.

Net proceeds of No Laughing Mattergo to the Margaret Mitchell Fund for women administered by the VanCity Community Foundation.

Trade Paperback / 6" x 9" / 240 pages
General Reader / 35 Photos
Granville Island Publishing
ISBN 978-1-894694-63-6 / $24.95 Cdn/US