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Be Different or Be Dead

Be Different or Be Dead

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Your Business Survival Guide
Roy Osing

Roy Osing, author and business consultant, explains how businesses can navigate the turbulent waters of the contemporary economy. Drawing on his distinguished career as a business executive, entrepreneur and leader in the telecommunications industry, Osing gives you the real deal: performance enhancement and survival ideas based on solid business principles that have been successfully implemented in the real world.

Osing focuses on strategies that he has personally developed and executed: things you can do today to immunize your organization against performance decline and business failure tomorrow. Strategies that work.
Topics explored include:
The Only statement — the birth of differentiation
Customerize your marketing
Adopt a Customer Learning and Secrets marketing ethic
Introduce Holistic Offers, not products
Serve your customers — don't service them
Brand your Sales Warriors

Written in a no-nonsense style that is clear, concise and entertaining, BE DiFFERENT or be dead offers a much-needed voice of common sense amidst the confusing sea of "how to" business books today.
For business strategy executives, marketing and sales managers, customer service managers and business owners and entrepreneurs alike, BE DiFFERENT or be dead is an invaluable resource for any leader looking to create a competitive edge for their organization and build long term success.

Business / Management / Marketing
6" x 9" 382 pages

ISBN 978-1-894694-69-8
Hardcover $34.95 CDN / $29.95 US

eBook 978-1-894694-88-9