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The Magical Master Snowman
and the Black Dragon

The Magical Master Snowman and the Black Dragon

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A Fairy Tale for All Ages
Written and Illustrated by Josephine Chaudoin Harrison

Few children’s books of adventure and discovery approach the subject of a child’s death and what happens to the soul afterwards. Even fewer do it with such an endearing heroine and such beguiling images as The Magical Master Snowman. Part fairy tale and part parable, encompassing life on Earth and the realms beyond, this story is one to read and remember. It is beautifully illustrated with colourful fabric collages and over seventy pen drawings by the author, an accomplished artist.

Trade Paperback / 6" x 9" / 120 pages
Age Level: 8 and over / Colour Plates
Granville Island Publishing
ISBN 1-894694-12-0 / $11.95 US / $14.95 CDN
Fine Art Poster / 14" x 19" / $11.95 US / $14.95 CDN