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The Bravest Canadian

The Bravest Canadian

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Fritz Peters, VC
The Making of a Hero of Two World Wars
Sam McBride

Winner of the B.C. Genealogical Society Family History Book Award and the P.E.I. Museum and Heritage Foundation's Heritage Award.

A recently discovered treasure trove of letters from and about Fritz Peters, VC-one of the greatest Canadian war heroes-and his family gives new insight into his life experience, what he was thinking and what made him tick. Lovable and eccentric, his military accomplishments earned him three major honours for valor in both the First and Second World Wars. The story of Peters' life criss-crosses the globe, encompassing boyhood on both coasts of Canada, naval service at the romantic China station, tense battles with German U-boats in both wars, a mysterious career in the spy world and culminating with him as the leader of a modern-day Charge of the Light Brigade inside an Algerian port where he finds himself facing Vichy French guns lined up against him from every direction.

History / Military / Canada / Biography

6 x 9 192 pages

b&w photos, maps, letters, footnotes, index, excerpt from The Victor comic series featuring Peters