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Medical and Legal

Road to Recovery ROAD TO RECOVERY
Following your Motor Vehicle Accident
Lawrence Matrick MD
Life Expectancy in Court LIFE EXPECTANCY IN COURT
A Textbook for Doctors and Lawyers
T. W. Anderson, MD, PhD
Inside Canada's Youth Jails
Gordon Cruse
Introduction by Barry Bowman
Brain Injury AFTER BRAIN INJURY: Tools For Living
J. Lynne Mann, R. Psych. with Michael Rossiter
Success Stories from the Frontline SUCCESS STORIES FROM THE FRONTLINE
Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health
Dr. Robin Friedlander, Tina Donnelly
Addiction by Prescription ADDICTION BY PRESCRIPTION
One Woman's Triumph and Fight For Change
Joan E. Gadsby
How One City Successfully Banned Smoking in all Indoor Public Places
Barbara McLintock